New fleece

December 5, 2012

I thought I posted this; it looks as though I do not understand my tablet as well as I hoped.  I can successfully do a few things but posting to my bog is not one of them.  Although to my credit I was able to upload this pic on Wednesday but then it has been sitting in the draft section of several days. Let’s be fair and say I was working on the tablet in my car not while driving mind you but sitting in a parking lot using an establishment’s WIFI.  Distractions still keep me from felting however I did clean off the table and get the studio ready to felt by spreading plastic across the print table and sorting through items which I have collected–you know for a future project.  YAY. Perhaps today after work and a shopping trip to Trader Joes, I will get at least a test felt completed. The daunting idea of cleaning all that wool is the main deterrent.

fleece 3 bags full


I am going to try to document the vessels drying for my records that way, I can document both visually and written.  Unfortunately, I took these photos in my work studio and not in the photographic studio, so, the lighting is not adequate and makes the color untrue, however, these are only meant as realization of form and shape sketches.  The first vessel is a new experiment in two ways: I used a Nuno felted scarf to create the colors in the vessel and using a scruching technique to create a texture.  Once the felting and fulling was completed, I inserted a PVC pipe into the vessel and began wrapping and scrunching as I do with Shibori dying. The vessel is scrunched to ¼ of its pre-scrunched length. I was most dissatisified with the lip and the base so I  repeated the entire process three times. At first I did not used the cotton yarn and decided I wanted more control in how it was scrunched. Once dried, I intend to dust the inside of the lip with a pearlized powdered fabric application. I created this vessel with Icelandic lamb’s wool, A rayon-embroidered fabric that I had unsuccessfully Nuno felted, and topped with a white  alpaca-silk blend. It is incredibly soft.

The golden vessel is Icelandic lambs’ wool on the interior; you can see the raw fleece in the background. The amber is merino, bottom portion is New Zealand wool, and I used Shetland wool for the fine lines. I discovered some powdered gilding for furniture, which I intend to apply to the Asymmetrical lip. I intended to document that process and I am excited aobut this project.

A friend gave brith to a new baby girl, so I felted an Icelandic pair of pink booties. Thus, a long day in  the studio.

Landscape Vessel

February 3, 2010

Verbiage to follow. Hand dyed merino with hand dyed silk organza in green and midnight blue.