Made to create

June 23, 2012

Here is an exert from a commencement given at  Biola University Commencement Address (for undergraduates), 2012 by makoto fujimura

“…..We serve a Creator God, and this Creator created us to also be creative.  In the same way that God gave Adam the authority to name the animals in Genesis 2, God invites his children to co-create within God’s parameters. We cannot create ex nihilo, but we are all artists with a small “a,” and we are asked to work through our brokenness and fears.  We are created for love; and love is creative.  So what would happen if every single person who follows this Creator asked the same question “What do I want to create?”  And further, if we became an ambassador to the world to help ask, “What do you want to create, and how can I help you?”  What if we answered this question filled with the Creative, Holy Spirit of God every moment that we are awake, and helped others to do the same?  Would we have a world more beautiful, compassionate, caring and daring?  Would we see our occupations differently?  Would we see our universities differently? Would we see our motherhood, our fatherhood, our brotherhood and sisterhood differently?……”

Makoto Fujimura

Makoto Fujimura Studio | 38 West 39th St. | New York | NY | 10022


Ummmm so what am I going to create today? How can I make it a more beautiful blue globe by my little creations?  After my last posting, I feel I want to get into my car and run over my smart phone so that it will stop dictating my life. Can I do it? Yes, if I want to rapidly become homeless. For a less violent alternative, turning it off I head to the studio.



June 18, 2012

For those longing for the old scratched photos of yesteryear.  Tired of all the crisp digital photos that every Tom Dick and Harry are taking with their Iphones?  I found an app on Google Play  that converts my 10 Mega pixel camera phone into one inspired by The Bärbl – An East German classic, naturally faded with a scratched film and medium vignetting, the perfect all-round choice. This might be the kicker that gets my mojo back. I have been rambling around in nowhere creative land for about seven months.  I just have had no inspiration to create anything interesting.  I am using a 4 G phone, by HTC called Amaze.  It has been a delightful tool for my day job, perfecting documenting  barcodes, or captures the wiring on a 66 block. I have used it as a bubble level,  a cam scanner, where I can scan documents on the spot and even get the degrees within a given angle, not to mention documenting  the scheme in data centers. Thus, I am charged to use this phone/camera thing for some creative.

Messy bedroom