In Search of a Voice

February 27, 2015

This week as I scoured and straightened my resume, in preparation to secure some steady work and since job hunting is an internet activity, I stumbled across Adela Akers’ work. I just finished a video about her processes and what inspires her work. I feel terribly foolish and wasteful letting time tumble through my hands like beach sand when I could have been working in my studio. I have fretted and worried about my future instead of being productive in the studio. I expended lots of energy working part time in the tech field and once the parts were installed  transitioning my  time was not effortless, switching from mathematical heavyweight computers to free spirited right brain activity, was a lot of work.  I  managed to squeeze time for investigating wet felting, some sketching, dyeing wool and exploring the properties of raising felted wool into vessels. I have met many wonderful and talented global crafters and  even those who raise sheep , a world I did not know existed. It has been a wild eight years but when I learned that Adela took what she knew as a foundation: weaving and turned it into a microphone for her creative voice, I became excited. She incorporated new dimensions by up-cycling materials leading the way towards a three- dimensional quality, often foreign in flat weaving. Ade lead me to Caroline Bartett 0f the UK who does stitched and block printed linen. I was moved by Tim Johnson exploration with human thumbprints and smooth stones. He works as on site installations and places of meditations. . I also found some great basket makers Dona Anderson, Dorothy Gill Barnes and Nancy Moore Bess of California.These great artist are part of my new direction.  I have become intensely tired of wet felting especially since all roads lead to wearable art (which I do not have any affection) and want to get back to making art, creating a statement and reflecting my inner voice once again because it is screaming to speak once again.


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