Maybe Tomorrow

July 6, 2014

Peter Korn said, “Why we make things and what does it matter” actually that is the title of the book I am nursing in between gardening, cleaning and just living. He makes the case that often some artist will allow living get in the way of living an exceptional artist life. I am guilty as charged and mercilessly miserable in doing so. Yet, day after day I fall accountable with no reasonable or even unreasonable excuse. When I cross paths with other artist from my past I either feel guilty/ jealous because they have continued with their life’s work or pressed their talent aside as a passing fancy. In an worthless attempt to ease my guilt I buy books on how to get back to producing art which is evident by the stacks of such books on my night stand. One such book suggests doing what is called “morning papers”. The technique is to do free-stream writing every morning, fresh awake, writing as quickly as ones hand will move, not reading, thinking, editing any grammar or spelling. One fills three pages with writing, stopping at the bottom of page 3, no more no less. The premise is to empty one’s mind of worries, cares, unresolved tasks or distractions. This worked for several months before the dry spell eased in once again. One time I dug out every single sketchbook or journal I ever kept and flinging them all about my sleeping quarters, hoping to dream of productive years. I have joined various craft groups to soak up some creativity, which only left my creativity parched and bone dry. O’ Woe is me, tomorrow is another day, another chance.


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