Activities during a Drought

August 12, 2012

Once again, I am lagging in the studio. Now, that my son has installed new shelves in the studio, the counters are free and available to be filled with felting and art related items.  Last week I did some portraits of turnips yes the vegetable. Some would more accurately call it a still life but I like vegetable portraits. I was ramped up to paint all week, as visions of peppers, celery, radishes and others danced in my head but an accident occurred.  A door broke to the studio so I am distracted once again. Ack!!!!  I came across a pad of watercolor paper and was emotionally charged to paint.  I was hoping to capture some images while waiting for  the outside temperatures break from triple digits down to a more humanly tolerable temperature.  My lawn has turned entirely to a dormant straw brown, while my neighbors maintain theirs bright vivacious green with frequent watering.   Apparently, this summer’s drought withstood heat temperature not even seen in the historic dust bowl of the 1930’s.  


I am looking forward to organizing my CV (curriculum vitae) and images of my work for an upcoming competition.


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