repost of Flying Geese Vessel

July 5, 2012

This piece  sold  at the Women Made Gallery, Chicago, Illnois USA  It is made of Mohair, Alpaca and Icelandic Lamb Fleece approximately 33 inches in circumference.  The abstract aubergine flying geese has been stamped  using a thickened dye made of seaweed- alginate and Urea. Once it was dry  I realized I forgot to add the vinegar to  set the dye.  I experimented with a process I had never tried before and IT WORKED.   .   I placed the vessel into a commercial Chinese Steamer (similar to home bamboo stovetop steamers). I used about  three inches of white distilled vinegar- instead of the typical H2 O -in the bottom portion  and covered with a lid  however to keep the condensation from dripping back onto the vessel,  I placed clean unprinted newsprint paper under the lid to catch droplets while it steaming.  O placed the steamer onto a hot plate, brought the vinegar to a roaring boil, and kept it boiling for twenty minutes. I let it cool completely  and I recall,  over night cooling.  I let it cool completely  – over night.  The next morning I rinsed the vessel with little loss and was ecstatic that my experiment was successful.



It should be noted that the mohair works its way to the surface and blurs the otherwise crisp edges of the stamped dye.


2 Responses to “repost of Flying Geese Vessel”

  1. Nicola Says:

    Congratulations on your sale Deb, your vessels are beautiful!!!

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