Leftover Blackberries

June 25, 2012

Oh, the struggle to get back into the groove of creating is wrenching with each non-successful day. The days seem time foolish with nonsense but the necessary domestic tasks of the day: watering flowers, paying bills, errands, ordering bank checks, phone calls, a new military grade screen protector for my smart phone and the mundane paperwork constantly screaming for my attention.  I did get some UNIX commands printed and soon to be laminated in preparation for a new contract I have secured for my day job. The unyielding heat(102F) seems to twist and contort my willingness to execute and complete my to do list.  All I managed to that is remotely related to creativity is organize my collection of sketchbooks and toy with the idea of pitching them.  The rest of my day was spent   cooking stir fried chicken, veggies and lo mien noodles with black bean garlic paste and  a nice dessert  made of Georgia peaches, black berries and pound cake  and la-t dolled  it with whipped cream.  Here is what is left.

Black berries

There is always hope that tomorrow I will succeed with productive studio time.


One Response to “Leftover Blackberries”

  1. Nicola Says:

    How would those yummy looking blackberries work with eco dyeing Deb???

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