Experimental Vessel

March 6, 2012

My idea for this Nuno vessel is to paint on the dye THEN finish fulling it because the vessel is very soft at this point and barely will hold its shape.   The vessel is merino wool made with a resist template and the final layer of silk gauze.  Once it is painted, I will complete the fulling process and draw the design in tighter since fulling shrinks the wool.  I am excited to see how much control I lose over the design. Previous vessels that had white gauze applied in a nun fashion received the dye differently.  The silk tended to be several shades darker than the wool even though they were painted with the same dye at the same times and process identically.  I am unsure why this surprises me, because different fibers traditionally have absorbed dye in varying degrees.


One Response to “Experimental Vessel”

  1. Dawn Edwards Says:

    Yes, isn’t it amazing how the wool and silk take the dyes so differently? Can’t wait to see the finished vessel, Deb…I know that it will be beautiful.

    Hope you’re having a great start to the week.

    Big hugs,

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