February 29, 2012

For those of you who may read my blog but really are isolated from my quirky sense of humor, I should mention that my last posting was meant for fun. A prospective candidate does not have to be handsome, wealthy he just needs to find me as his true north of if he needs a GPS to just get home, then I should be the all encompassing center of his universe.  wink. Ywah, that is why I am single as no such person exist, we all are the center of our own respective universes or is it universum which would make it multiverse?  Spelling was never a high point in my list of qualifications.    No art work today as I am off to my part time day job in a data center, so I can pay for unnecessary expensive trinkets like android 4G  phones, solar power chargers, blue tooth gadgets  as well as necessary items like food, clothing, shelter and supplies for ART and someday a coveted German Pfaff sewing machine

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