Anna Feathers

December 17, 2011

I have been working a great deal in data centers lately with no energy to even step into the studio nonetheless, I think about making art incessantly.  This piece graces a wall in my bedroom.  It was made several winters ago of Lambs wool which felted so easily it was completed in less than an hour. The single line meandering throughout the vessel was not stitched but added on top with only wisps of lamb’s wool to cover the bronze embroidery thread. I cannot identify the feathers, as they were a gift from crafter in Ireland and they accent the vessel as naturally as they would a hat. The large piece is an agate pendant with a small 14K  gold finding.  As most of you collect things I enjoy the feel of vintage costume jewelry bakelite  and celloid. The surrounding beads, I collected from vintage necklaces.

Oh yes, I have a nice collection of items screaming to be used.   One can see that I wrapped the agate with brass wire and assembled the beads.  I had an exhibit and gallery had few pedestals so I came up with a way of displaying the items by making wall plaques with a shelf.  This shelf was constructed with Plexiglas formed into an L shape and mounted onto a piece of oiled cherry wood.   


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