New Camera

November 26, 2011

I am doing a test with a new camera; they told me I could take it for a spin for 15 days before I made my final decision. The blue vessel is merino with silk gauze nuno felted on top. Once completed the vessel was soaked in acid, and the dye was dripped on with eye droppers.It was an experiment to see if I could control where the dye was placed.

The wrap on the sofa was made by a friend expressing a trip she took to the 10K feet Rocky mountains. A totally lovely piece with the colors coordinating exquisitely in my living space.

The glass mosaic with the hand blown glass balls is merely and experiment to see how camera reacts with reflective materials.

The jury is out on the camera, though it is a lovely camera I am still evaluating its limits and possibilities.  Though it is nice, it is an entry level SLR and I am not terribly satisfied with its limits. It is a Canon T3 and though it does recording pics in RAW and is a 12 mp camera I need something with more pixels per inch. This will only do 72  by default and I have unsuccessfully  attempted to raise it which limits  it immensely.  One can raise the over all pixel but it merely changes the size of the pic hence I can make posters of my work. LOL At this juncture it is heading back to the store. It does well with landscapes and people and functions but I did not purchase it for those purposes. My conclusion is my $67.00 camera is much more flexible than this $600 item.

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