WarmUP Vessels

February 7, 2011

I have had an extensive hiatus from serious felting and I feel as though I am beginning all over again.  Here are a couple of warm up vessels that I did last week using a variety of my favorite mixed fibers: alpaca, mohair, Icelandic lambs wool and some predyed Shetland wool.

The cylinder vessel is primarily constructed of unprocessed Icelandic lambs wool with lanolin and vegetable matter included.  I  grouped fibers together, then, assembled five separate dye vats to achieve the colored poodle hair, silk and mohair’s tonalities.  Fortunately I dyed extra fiber so I can use the color scheme in the future. The vessel is stablized with strips of  white silk organza laid at right angles so it formed a hidden lattice structure in between the wool layers.

The spherical vessel has silk organza sandwiched between Icelandic wool and alpaca. The dye was applied post felting and fulling using a natural sponge. It is fairly thin felt and stabilized with the tightly woven silk organza.

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3 Responses to “WarmUP Vessels”

  1. Dawn Edwards Says:

    Well you may have had a hiatus, but you’ve still got it;-) Beautiful vessels!!!

  2. Nicola Says:

    I agree with Dawn Deb! X

    • Deb Seeger Says:

      How would I have made it this far without you and Dawn? It has been a long journey and just looking at some of my earlier pieces and I am grateful to have found your blog rich with experience, inspiration and energy. You have spread your felting excitement around the world, Nicola and you are the one to be congratulated. Many thanks. Deb

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