Painting w/ Nail Polish

December 28, 2010

Mounted on CardStock cards with matching Ecru envelopes. 4"x6"

Marbled image using nail polish enamel.


Winter of 2008, I experimented with nail polish as a painting medium. It amazed me the numerous colors that nail polish is produced.  The enamel maintains its integrity so it is easy to swirl the colors as if one were creating marbling effect.  It dries rather quickly so it can even lend a cracking effect.  The metallic polishes have tiny specks of sparkles and even when the swirling begins, the metallic particles twinkle as they intermingle with the flat nail enamel.  I put several colors down onto the paper and as in marbling paper, I used a stainless steel pin dragging it through the various colors and they dry almost immediately.  They seemed to be a lovely medium to make Valentine Cards so I used the classic heart shape in these early experiments.  I could not get a good photographic recording since I do not have a light box.  My halogen lights reflected way too much light on the twinkling portions and merely reflect light back to the camera, which distorts the over all photographic image.

A good artist friend, Shannon White is painting with nail polish on metal and describing her incredible work as she merges drips on top of protraits.  Her new work  which sounds so delightful I can barely wait to see  the creations.  She is an  professional emerging, local artist who has met with tremendous success in recent years, winning  numerous awards.  Her work can be seen at numerous galleries in the KC area.


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