Malka Dubrawsky

December 19, 2010

A Link on this page was broken so I merely redirected it.

Since I rarely make it to my studio anymore, I spend Sunday mornings in bed reading a variety of things from news, to blogs  but today I read  a hard copy of “American Craft” January publication and  an article called, “Dyeing to Sewing”.  The article was about a woman who loves textiles, color, dyeing and sewing as I do, maybe more because she has been faithful to work in the craft. Anyway, upon crawling through the web in exploration of this Malka Dubrawsky person, I find she is but a mere 8 or 900 miles from me, in a nearby state — Austin Texas.  Austin, the capital of Texas is very similar to my vibrant art town of Lawrence, KS.  Both are chocked full of musicians, artist and a bent towards the creative side of life. Anyway, I digress and want to comment on the inspiration Malka Dubraswsky’s work is stirring within me and beckoning me to my creative zone. I spent a bit of time reading about other textile artist this morning and I moved by their energy as well as Malka’s.  Her philosophy seems to speak spontaneity and I easily relate. I never enjoyed weaving much as it required meticulous planning when dressing the loom while surface design of textiles is more like expressionist painting.  One reason I have never been strongly drawn to quilts is the planning and even with crazy quilts, there is a certain lack of expressive quality.  Malka has opened new doors not to just commercial fabrics, as I, too, have discharged, dyed commercial fabrics, and even used the backside of a fabric.  Thank you for the inspiration American Craft Council by revealing Austin’s secret: Malka Dubrawsky.

One Response to “Malka Dubrawsky”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    Hi Deb! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your wonderful words of encouragement. It’s so nice to have a comment from someone visiting my humble blog in it’s infancy. I have taken a quick look around your world and am very inspired with what I see. I would love to try the dying and felting that you do but haven’t yet stepped out into that abyss. You have an affinity for vessels as I do. They are comforting somehow. I’ll be back for a more in-depth look at your work when time allows.
    Cheers! Bonnie

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