Painting with chemicals

December 5, 2010

I love the idea of painting with  toner and fixer  on light sensitive paper  as Pierre Cordier does in his chemigrams.  I tried to make this a hot hyperlink but WordPress is acting flaky today  but NOW, several hours later it is operational.  Two years ago, I inherited an enlarger and  all the peripherals  for a dark room but I never took the time to set up a lintfree room. Now, that I have a bit more flexibility in time and budget . It seems reasonable to experiment a bit before investing in the effort of a dark room that is also free of floating  fibers—in a fiber studio.  Providing I can get some photography paper and chemicals in the near future  how fun would it be to  play with photography toner and fixer in a   Pierre type of experiments.

I have posted previously on cyanotype or  solar prints I made with light sensitive chemical saturated fabric, found objects and   solar light. I took at workshop at the UC  Berkely on sunprints The longer the exposure the deeper the indigo blue and crisper lines. Of course like any thing  there are limits, if over exposure  occurs the indigo transforms to a burnt brown and the fabric structure is weaken as in  scorching a fabric when ironing.

These samples were made on cotton sheeting. At one time, I dyed the fabric first then added the chemicals so the white ares would be replaces with magenta or yellow or colors of choice. The contrast with the indigo blue with the  underlying color is thrilling. I have not seen any documentation of  cyanotype printing on wool, so this might be another fun Sunday sunny afternoon project.

I found this site particularly interesting on sunprinting and sun prints


One Response to “Painting with chemicals”

  1. Reggie Says:

    Thanks for the link, Deb! I’m glad you like the sunprintings that I’ve created!

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