November 12, 2010

If you have been following my postings you have seen by now, I have a wide range of interest and today’s posting is no exception.  It seems I continually am constructing and developing prototypes of one sort or another. In 2007, I was intrigued with coffee bags, not the burlap ones, though they are of interest also, but this time it was the little one-pound type bags. I had several coffee lovers begin saving their empty bags for my creative purposes.  Once I had a nice collection, I tumbled them onto the floor of my studio.  They displayed an interesting juxtaposition that grabbed my eye.  I dug through my drawer of seldom-used instruments and let my rotary cutter see the daylight.  I split the bag opened, and made one-inch strips, well if truth needs to be known I cut several widths but settled on the one inchers.  I, being a retired dressmaker, wanted play with their sewing-ability.  The simplest and least complicated sewing project is quilts. I made my first fabric quilt 40 years ago, yes before rotary cutters – ha. The sewing skills are rather elementary in quilt making so with this new material I constructed a log cabin quilt square.  I believe I posted this in 2007 but may have taken it down as it falls more into the crafty category.

The inside of the bags, which constitutes the back of this sampler, is reflective silver and lends a George Jetson sort of feel. The picture is currently unavailable. Believe me it reminded me of those blankets that many carry in their cars emergency kits.

Today, is a dreary rainy Fall day in Kansas and I am wondering how these bags could translate into rain gear …say a rain poncho.

2 Responses to “Coffee YUMMMMMMMMM”

  1. Dawn Edwards Says:

    He! He!!! I’ll say you have a wide range of interests. You just have too many talents! Your coffee bag quilt is such a cool idea. Who’d have thought…Well, you, of course:-)

    You’re right…What a great idea…Rain ponchos or purses…A whole line of goods. Could see them being picked up by a cool coffee shop. Keep me posted on what you decide.

    Hope you have a great weekend.


    • Deb Seeger Says:

      I was just looking at the United Felt Day creations and stumbled across your fun hat. You definitely havea handle on fantastic millinery skills as all your hats turn out with such flair. I must have misunderstood the project, as I thought it had to be installed into the environment. I was attempting to design a collaboration but we all has art shows in Flash Galleries and time did not permit. I have marked my calendar again for next year. Anyway, thanks for your encouragement, now that the weather is forcing us indoors, I am brushing the dust off my studio.

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