May 27, 2010

This week the weather is unbelievably sticky and miserable as the wet , saturated ground is relinquishing its moisture  into the air.  Our weather has made a giant leap forward into the heat of summer.  I am undecided if I will pack felting up for the summer and focus on painting or forge forward. working with hot water and wool just does not sound appealing. While I am deciding, I have taken on a project of painting seventeen solid oak chairs with various techniques and designs. The prep work is a bit daunting with gum removal,  slight reinforcement, sanding, and priming before I begin the  designs.  I have more ideas than chairs thus I have been sketching like a mad woman, using different color schemes, pop designs , animal prints, faux finishes, and even some classic impressionists designs.  Even though I am overwhelmed, it is with something I love doing: painting. The challenge is not a flat canvas but a variety of surfaces in a single design element or theme for each functional piece.  so I am off to the wood store for various products to complete the task.


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