Dyeing Update

May 23, 2010

I have been on an experimental journey since last week and am having great fun in the midst of increased leaky roof in my house, enormous gloomy skies for late May, and seven graduation celebrations.  I have been in the dye portion of my studio painting with dye, researching with the microwave, the stovetop and even dribbling hot dye onto the felt with a spoon. On Wednesday, I could stand it no longer, so dug through the cabinets to find my old implements for resist dying. Though the colors are very raw, I am gaining valuable experience in dying the wool, even though it is terribly thick and it is a bit of work to get the gadgets on the felt, I am pleased with the results. I have yet to do tremendous over dyeing, as I am unsure of the saturation point of the wool. I suppose that is something I will have to uncover.  However, all is progressing nicely and moving the process into the next phase of stitching the felt before dyeing. I have to admit though; I can barely wait until I finish the series on acid dyes as I have the ingredients to begin a vat of indigo oxygenation dyeing.  I need to buy the lye, as I do not like to keep it sitting in the cabinet. The chemicals have been stored in my studio and I am holding my breath in hopes the chemicals are still usable. I have much experience with silk and all cellulose fibers and indigo but none with wool, thus it should prove rewarding.


One Response to “Dyeing Update”

  1. Nicola Says:

    Dying to see your photos,no pun intended!

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