Decorative Stitched Felt Vessel

May 10, 2010

This is an Icelandic lamb’s wool vessel  which was posted a month ago; however, a misfortunate slip of the fingers, deleted the posting plus several others. When felting this piece, I added a piece of crinoline to the surface with slight tuffs of lamb’s wool to accompany the hand acid dyed teal silk organza, with the intention of enhancing the surface texture.  I created the ribbed effect by tightly binding the vessel at the bottom with monofilament while it dried after adding a bit of stiffener. I have incorporated a sample taste of stitching into the felt. I am a bit skeptical of how much I desire to add stitching, as I do not enjoy performing the task so I may try a bit of machine stitching.  In this piece, I have used a German rayon embroidery thread, which by the nature of the rayon fibers; the thread adds a subtle sheen.   The beads are obviously an after thought that may have future potential if incorporated more thoughtfully  and purposefully into the composition.

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