In Progress

March 16, 2010

Red and Orange Silk under Lamb's wool

I have had a full plate for the past several weeks and it is very evident because I used my blackberry to snap these pics.

The piece itself is a narrative about being stripped of ones dignity and even humanity. It is Icelandic lambs wool with red silk perched on a lambs wool with hide attached.  Dimensions: 11″ diameter and 13″ high.


2 Responses to “In Progress”

  1. Nicola Says:

    Pretty good pictures from your Blackberry, love the hairness of the vessel! I’ve nominated you for a Sunshine Award at Deb, you are one of my favourite blogs to follow!! X

    • Deb Seeger Says:

      Oh Nicola, you have such a knack at lifting ones outlook. It has been cloudy and dreary here for 2 decades and it is wearing on us sunshine types. So, to be nominated for a sunshine award seems ironic. As to the Vessel I am trying to convey the message of the outer layer being ripped away from the vessel. Got any further ideas? Thank you in advance.

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