Red Wool Reassigned

February 16, 2010

In late Fall 09 I took a first attempt to make a beret. I had seen a demo on YouTube using a pizza insert of corrugated cardboard for the resist.  As always, it looks simple on the Internet while the subtle hints are lost in pixels and in this case, the cardboard was not saturated and smuchy. OK OK let me be perfectly honest, I covered the pizza insert with two circles of bubble wrap neatly taped so it would felt faster and stay anchored.

Bowl with Foot

My improvement was not a completely formulated but to my credit, it did full quickly.  I cut a dainty opening to pull out the bubble wrapped cardboard but it was not soggy as in the video. I had created a water resist around the cardboard thus it remained stiff; I had to gently struggle for a considerable amount of time before I got the silly resist removed. In the video the cardboard was nearly dissolved thus it slipped out with little effort. If you are one who makes felt, by now, you comprehend what happened; the opening was stretched and  uselessly enlarged as a hat for a person but ideal for an elephant head.   I disappointingly pushed the hat aside and moved on to another project.

This past Sunday, I was attempting to finish other incomplete projects and the red hat fell out from a pile of silk remnants. My other projects were drying as I had hand painted some lining for clutches so I gave the red hat a new life.  I rewetted the renegade hat and while it was soaking, the idea of a bowl with a large mouth rose.  I fashioned a nice foot then, bound it tightly with a flat cotton yarn for it to dry and I stuffed the remaining wool shape with plastic shopping bags until I had a desirable shape. I am still using a point and shoot camera so please forgive the lack of photographic clarity.

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