Developing Inventory

January 27, 2010

Hello all,

I am re-fulling some hairy alpaca scarves and repurposing into small bags for summer art fairs. The economy seems it will not gain much momentum for a tremendous rise in discretionary income; yet, who can deny that people love to give and receive small new gifts.  Easter and Mothers day, May Day are all on the horizon. Eager beavers do Winter holiday shopping in the summer at fairs.  I am not confident how appropriate wool  is for summer months as the humidity and heat of my region are ridiculous, people have  asked how they keep them for the summer months to protect from moths.  I am thinking and designing a variety of Shibori and discharged silk clutches or “date bags” with hand beaded closures. Even if I do not go on the road with the goods, they are always delightful items to use as bartering material or thank you gifts for the many acts of kindness given bestowed upon me.

I am also STILL preparing applications and photos of my vessels for a competition thus no new photos.  I have been to the photography shop four times in the past three days attempting to make the perfect snapshots of my top five picks. At one time I was every ready with slides, descriptions and artist statements for competitions and embarrassingly I have lapsed in my preparedness but am slowly updating and reorganizing my portfolio.


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