Alpaca Hat Drying

January 22, 2010

Fulling  of the wool is done, and now shaping / drying of alpaca is in progress. The jury is still out on my feelings about this hat. It certainly is soft but I am disappointed in the quality of the alpaca, but thanks to Christine from yesterdays post, I  have a better understanding of my issues.  As I stated yesterday this vendors goods are probably divine for spinning customers but the wool is not very good for felting.  I am leaning towards only buying wool in fleece form.  The hassle of processing fleece wool is definitely worth any extra work in exchange for a full comprehension of the wool’s history, i.e type of fleece where on the animal, how it was washed, how it was dyed and now, I see the various layers of hair will not felt.

PS the over view photo was once again taken with the blackberry –and I moved during the shutter release.


2 Responses to “Alpaca Hat Drying”

  1. Barbara Says:

    The alpaca you used seems to be very hairy (has guard or primary fibres). You simply cant beat processing fleece yourself. I know it is tedious but even with spinning I find hand flick carding the best way to align the fibres. Next time you buy alpaca, a good breeder should be able to supply you with a fibre test (I know we do if asked!)

  2. Deb Seeger Says:

    Thank you for the advice, Barbara. This past year has been intensely educational in realm of fibers, animals, and vendors. And you are right this alpaca was very hairy just like mohair. The black fiber migrated all the way into the interior which only has happened with mohair. Fortunately, I have been purchasing in extremely small quantities for test purposes, since I was still learning the felting process, I was unsure what to expect. Nice to meet you and thank you again for responding.

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