January 17, 2010

Some people can switch direction on a dime, as the term goes and often I can be creative enough to do likewise but not today.  I am still unopposed with the residue of the car accident, so, today was spent in projects that are more familiar: repairing or restoring technology.  I inherited a desktop computer, which I promptly moved to my studio and I have been piddling with it for what seems like an eternity for the refurbishment.  The duped machine was infiltrated by  two-legged rodents with a virus that disabled the software clear to the core of the computer, the BIOS. I managed to restore 99% of it but there was one lingering component though small, rendered it useless for my purposes. Today was the designated day to research and fix it; hence, I halted all thoughts towards wool.  Actually prior to the decision of working on the computer, I rewetted the amber vessel AGAIN and reshaped it. I am struggling with a desirable solution for drying to the desired shape. Today, I packed the wet vessel that had been towel dried, with recycled plastic shopping bags, and perched it upside down on a jar. I would prefer something that pressed the vessel tautly like a similar shape that is a wee bit larger than the felted vessel  perhaps I could insert an air-filled balloon on my next vessel. No photos.


One Response to “Priorities”

  1. Nicola Says:

    Hi Deb, I hope you are feeling a bit better now and recovering from the shock of your car accident, what a tough time you have been having. I try and shrink and shape my vessels until they want to hold their own shape by themselves but to really finish them off you can just stuff them with bubble wrap and leave until they dry fully. I also sometimes (only sometimes!) put felt into my range oven if I really want to set a shape, something like swirly cords wrapped around a knitting needle for example. You can also soak your finished vessel (while still wet) in undiluted wood glue, squeeze it out, reshape and stuff to dry. This will result in a totally hard vessel in any shape but while it may look like felt it will definitely not feel like it! Hope this helps. Take care. X Nicola

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