December 29, 2009

Whew, now that the holidays are almost over I can turn my focus back to my artwork. I have spent the last year in research felting various fibers,  numerous  fulling and felting techniques,  and uncovering strengths and weaknesses of each and when or where to apply each. I dabbled in dyeing raw wool, roving and the mysteries of overdyeing to narrow one method I prefer when acid dyeing.  I recently saw a demonstration on resist dyeing, which is traditionally more of a Japanese tradition for Kimono designs but instead of using indigo, or gutta resist, this method bound the cloth(not roving),  dipped it  into dye then some sort of acid fixative and without rinsing, was able to dip instantly into a different color. This intrigued me and I want to refine my dyeing of fleece and roving. I would like to  explore burn out of shibori silk then nuno felting it before I move onward.

Holidays are about reuniting with friends thus an old college friend was in town, who is a practicing artist in Oregon and who spent considerable time in Germany and Italy this past summer. We had a great time laughing, sharing and I was refreshed to find a like-minded individual.  We had an intriguing discussion about making the invisible i.e. time, which is ethereal, intangible, and elusive into something one can hold in one’s hand: visible.   She spent a year studying time by interviewing people and extracting what time represented to each person, individually. She does not have the entire exhibit’s documentation on line yet, but here is a sample.

We talked a bit about craft /art and she said so many west coast artist have become interdisciplinary artist.  I walked away thinking about the crafts I constructed over the holiday season and  feel a tremendous pluss to get back to artwork.  How is it different?  Work without content is craft but work with substance though it uses craft to express itself, is poetry and art. Most people here in the Midwest prefer blues or shades/tints of the cool lucid color. thus I find myself craving to work in a different pallet.  I like to work in colors closer to nature-autumn because autumn displays the summer’s growth in grandeur as vegetation slowly creeps into its dormant season and even pruning life cycle. OK OK plus my birthday is in the Fall but mostly because as a child, autumn meant returning to a rich learning environment.

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