Life Stages of Lavender

November 19, 2009

Hands down, working with clay to create vessels is MUCH easier but perhaps I have yet to find the enabling tools.

I wanted to take a new swing at a beret hat but I cut the resist too small,  since I can turn on a dime, I decided today was the marked time to attempt a rounded vessel. I had just spent the morning dying poodle hair  for some new vessels This may explain my mistake, as I was already fatigued from the dyeing. HA HA.  The inside of this rounded vessel  is a violet purple with layers of white merino and white alpaca on the exterior laced with slight wisps of grey alpaca.  The line drizzling the exterior is a 3-ply Shetland, which I untwisted and randomly placed.  Once I completed the fulling, I was pleased that some of the violet wool had migrated to the surface, which gives the visual texture one of blended fibers. I titled this the life cycle of Lavender because I grown Lavender, and I love the cycle; it begins with a deep bluish grey stem, which looks very dead, then it pushes forth tender green sprigs. In early summer it burst forth with great fragrance and one knows the lavender is in its prime and time for harvesting. The heat of the summer here in Kansas, turns the plants the sage green and the amber brown. I prune the plants back hoping for a mild fall and another crop but have yet to reap such.

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