Parcel Arrived

November 9, 2009

Today was a day of relaxation after the grueling activity of  winterizing my yard and flowerbeds. My entire family, spouses and children came with chain saws, wood chipper, nippers, gloves and eagerness to help their big sister’s lawn. We heavily pruned three trees, removing three to allow for full development of the remaining six.  Yes, I was a tad over ambitious in my planting eight years ago when I bought this property. I had taken a master gardener class at the county extension center, misappropriated my newly acquired skills,by miss apply them to the arbor realm. Anyway, the overgrown trees did grant a lovely privacy fence at the cost of deforming the shape of the maples and Italian arborvitae. They are gone therefore, I can plant more flowers. Ha ha.   While relaxing and getting caught up on my paper work, I received a parcel  from Linda Atkinson of  Sage Ridge -Mill and Critters ranch in Clearmont , Wyoming.  Last week I exchanged emails with Linda inquiring about samples of her line, lickety split the funds were exchanged and the samples were on their way in lightening speed.   Her products can be viewed on EtsyAlpaca Sample Parcel or her website.  She also is a felter, who makes lovely alpaca wraps, hats, and scarves.  The Lot I received is unbelievable and lusciously soft. Yummy is just about the best way to describe it and I am eager to get started on my felting journey with it.

Oh I almost forgot a special treat that she included, a bar of delightful smelling soap with alpaca felted wool covering.(lower left hand corner)

3 Responses to “Parcel Arrived”

  1. Nicola Says:

    Oh, this parcel looks fabulous! Would your family care to come visit me and winterize my garden???

    • Deb Seeger Says:

      Getting the the chain saw on plane might be viewed as a security issue, otherwise they would love an excuse to go to Ireland and work is no stranger to them. 🙂 They were wonderful as the yard had been sorely neglected. I have spoken so favorably about you, they are hoping I get to visit. I am terrified to use this new wool, it is so yummy. Dawn has promised to help me with a hat pattern so that is on the chalkboard and maybe a collar.

  2. Nicola Says:

    Really looking forward to seeing what you come up with and I LOVE your red vessel from the last post!

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