Kreativ Blogger Award

October 25, 2009

If I can not come up with 7  creative bloggers do should I give the award back? I know many creative people from  their website but not very many from blogging.  I especially like Marisa Ranalli work . The dress with the LED lights is fun and funky, Although the clothing LED lighting has been around for a long time, the way Marissa has implemented into felting is unique. She has many other items that are brilliant.

I have found that Nicola’s work is always fresh and inspiring.  She is tirelessly  inquisitive about any thing felting. I am especially impressed with Nicola’s talent to introduce and merge people together and her ability to communicate what she has uncovered.


Wood is warm and tender and attract like minded souls.  Roybn works with work from South African and her work is inspiring, speaks volumes about design, composition and looking beyond the surface.    I am sending her an award.

I love the fresh morning air with undisturbed snow and sparkling sunlight dancing across the surface.  My favorite is the early predawn bustling hours at the city market or sitting on my deck having that first coffee when the air is cool, the birds are happy and the worries of life has yet to hit me.  I am tantalized by textural things and especially those involving textiles.  After fifteen years working in with technology it still amazes me at the things memory chips and circuit boards can do.  I am tickled inside by people’s various approaches to creativity and how they express it.  I love chocolate covered espresso beans and my son surprises me every so often with a package of them from a local store. I love it when someone does something extra thoughtful to bring pleasure into my life.

When I come up with 5 more creative bloggers, I will certainly add them.


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