New Shape

October 13, 2009


Rounded Rectangular

This was not an easy container to capture its shape in a  2D photograph nonetheless. the shape is  rectangular  with soft rounded corners.


2 Responses to “New Shape”

  1. Nicola Says:

    Hi Deb, I am loving all your recent experiments with animal hair, have some dog hair myself, just need to get in gear as soon as things quieten here and try it out! I hope that you don’t mind but I have given you a Kreativ Blogger Award on my blog. The rules for receiving this award mean that you link back to the person who nominated you, list 7 things that you love, link to 6 more ‘kreative bloggers’ and leave a comment on their site to let them know how to keep the award going. XXX Nicola

  2. Dawn Edwards Says:

    Good morning Deb,

    I just found your blog site through Nicola’s blog. Love yours, too. I’m having more fun reading through all of your entries. Great work especially enjoying the poodle hair entries. I’d have never thought of that. Wonder if I could felt my German Shepherd/Beagle mix (do I take it off of him or just felt it while it’s still on him? 🙂 Oh, Deb, I’ve had too much coffee once again.

    Hope your day is off to a great start.


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