Yet More Poodle Containers

October 11, 2009

There comes a point when modern conveniences become a huge nuisance and I wished that I had other means of communication, information and archiving information. Yes, longing for the good ole days.  On top of not having any telephone service, my computer decided it needed reformatting. This is a several day process, as I have yet to ghost image all my applications and configurations consequently when I an on the verge of being in the working saddle, another application surfaces that needs uploading, configuring and what not. Escaping from the humdrum mundane of reinstalling , I spent seven hours in the studio creating more vessels with the poodle hair.  As I stated in earlier post the hair is difficult to card and align the fiber hairs, as the length short. I made two more vessels using it more as filler, as I like to make a color wave inside building out so the end result is white.  It felts nicely into a dense fiber and especially when mixed with Merino, Alpaca and Mohair it results in a handsome container.  Nicola asked if the poodle dog hair is silky and the answer is no, but it gives a nice curly effect when dried.  I prefer mohair for both visual and tactile textures as the fibers are very long and sleek.

One Response to “Yet More Poodle Containers”

  1. I prefer the mohair for silky textures as the fibers are Very long and sleek. The containers are drying with pictures forthcoming perhaps tomorrow.

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