Lucy Vessel

October 2, 2009

This is the first time I have been in the studio for ANYTHING since Labor Day, September 4th. —nearly 30 days, YIKES!  This explains why I have been sooooo grumpy and unable to sleep. It is difficult to admit to defeat at times. Anyway this vessel was named for the donating party: Lucy, a poodle dog.  The hair was extremely short so it had to be mixed with alpaca, merino and mohair.  As I stated in an earlier post the hair was  difficult to card, and without carding, it naturally just matted together in clumps. It was an interesting experiment and enough change to stir my desire to work again in the Studio.  Thank you Lucy for dragging me out of that depressive slump. LucyVesselW

2 Responses to “Lucy Vessel”

  1. Tracey Says:

    Hi I saw you post on Alpacanation and am very sorry to hear that you will not be a continuing member. It is a very informative site and hope that you will give it another chance.
    I also wanted to tell you what a beautiful job you do on your felting.
    I am just getting started on some felting projects myself, but nothing like you have done.
    Very nice job.

    Do you have Alpacas yourself?

    • Deb Seeger Says:

      Sorry for the delay. No, I am an urban chic, who loves textiles. I just took up felting January 09, so am exploring and uncovering many things. Thanks for stopping by my sight and would love to see yours as well.

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