Tequila Sunrise

July 30, 2009

Inspired by the cocktail not that I was drinking one at the time but I was thinking of a sunset in the Painted Desert how the colors are so breathtaking and rarely are replicated outside of nature.  The thought drifted to the Floridian white beach sunrises with cool morning air, salty wind, and cool sand beneath ones feet with Jimmy Buffet playing on the CD, which always points to margaritas even in the dawn hours.  Now, I know a tequila sunrise is not a margarita unless one is at Cheeseburger Paradise, restaurant chain owned by Jimmy Buffet, where every concoction of margaritas exists.  Last night I had one called, “Sunken Treasure” It was a shaken margarita verses the blended until tiny ice crystals form or near frozen is mixed with blue Agave Tequila and it had some eatable claim at the bottom housing a faux pearl (again a consumable object).  I digress but the inspiration of my newest felted vessel: Tequila Sunrise.

Constructed using double sided bubble wrap as a resist and once felted and fulled, it was cut opened and shaped.  I made a huge assumption that as in hand made paper making the longer the fibers the more strength the final object will behold.  That assumption leads me to add long thin wisps of angora in the inner structure.  Mind you I have no proof these Angora goat hairs are long other than when pulled from the roving they separate approximately four inch strands, where the Merino comes out in about three and the New Zealand is one inch long.  I use the same technique for each “pull”.  I must openly admit that I have not investigated my assumption so it could be all wet and woolly nonsense. As to the colors, the interior very much duplicated the layers of the drink until it was rinsed in boiling water.  I hand dyed the wool and I must have not rinsed long enough because the grenadine red color bled migrated and contaminated the lighter colors similar to tossing a red sock in the washer with white clothes.

This little tequila vessel is 4.75 inches in diameter with a 4 inch height.


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