Mohairy Vessel

July 22, 2009

I wanted to create a colorful vessel but one that is feathery, wispy and cozy.  I call this one is call, “Mohairy”.  It is a combination of Merino and white Angora. There is something that prevents the mohair from easily felting, and I suspect it is the sleekness of the hair.  Other wool hairs have a course scale which is slightly lifted and the scales interlock nicely.  On the Mohair they tend to lay flatter, tighter, and tauter hence convincing them to interlock is a large sale job for the felter.  I have mentioned in my other post about pouring boiling water over the fibers, which releases the scales then once massaged and drenching with ice cold water snaps them back to their resting place while they are interlocked.

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