Smoldering Wool Vessel

July 20, 2009

Continuing on with the fire idea, I created this vessel with Merino wool it was covered with shades and tones of amber’s, auburn’s, and smoky yellows.  I waste no time to cover the entire vessel was very thin but long wavy black mohair’s and anchored with ever so slight hairs of  a New Zealand black fibers.  Mohair does not felt well, I am unsure if this is because the fibers have a sheen and thus cannot interlock or if there is another impeding factor.  To counter this problem I used multiple drenching techniques which involves pouring boiling water over the felt rub with a massage tool then quench it in ice cold water, using ice from the freezer.  The extreme shock seems to allow a bonding of the scales on the mohair.  I enjoy the overall feeling of smoldering umbers just under the surface of this soft wool container.

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