Orange-Lime Sherbet Vessel

July 20, 2009

This vessel is my favorite,  thus far, probably because it did what I wanted it to do. I did not have to allow room for the wool to have its own way with shape and though the camera distorted it slightly in some frames, it is perfectly curved. Yes, I went a bit crazy with shooting it from multiple angles but when one is in love, there is no rhyme or reason for our actions.  One can only see a hint of the orange sherbet color inside, which I feel nicely, complements the varying shades of greens on the exterior.  I, again, determined to conquer the cantankerous of the long Angora goat fibers behavior of resisting felting used the quenching and drenching method.  The fibers are so elegant and silky but they are rather pompous in their rebellion to remain set apart from the other cooperating fulling fibers but I got them into integrate by I intertwining the white mohair with the greens in the perfect proportions.  The outcome works.


One Response to “Orange-Lime Sherbet Vessel”

  1. Nice! I just came over to check out your blog. Welcome to our Fiber Focus Group!

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