Four New Vessels

July 19, 2009

I created a group of vessels between Saturday and today with awesome results.  One done in shades and tones of alpaca hand dyed greens is spectacularly eye catching.  The colors flow well together, the size is lovely and the texture turned out especially appealing, taunt, and tight.  Another black vessel with interior violets while the exterior displays some amber, golden yellow, burnt orange nicely intertwining with russets and black wavy mohair.  It has a slight lip.  Third vessel is canary yellow on the interior with some alpaca sandwiched in between  russet, coffee, chocolate, and auburn merino and alpaca  foundation accented with turmeric and golden rod merino wools, which I hand dyed.  The fourth was a true experiment, with white mohair on the interior and gracing the outside is royal blues, but the silky mohair worked its way to the surface so it is very fuzzy and soft.  Once it dries, I intend to gingerly brush the surface making it even more delicate and fluffy.  I had to use lots of shocking method of felting.  That is pouring boiling water over the piece followed by iced water.  The fifth and last vessel is constructed of greens and blue New Zealand wools on the interior and wild variegated colors on the outside.  The experiment on this one is that the wool is drying around a glass vessel and the perimeter has been bound with mono filament in circular form.  The bottom has been bound to create a foot and I hope it will retain its shape once the line is removed.  Once every thing is dried, ironed, and photographed, I will post pics taken in the photo studio.

One Response to “Four New Vessels”

  1. Nicola Says:

    Wow, these vessels look really impressive!! A tip I learnt at the recent ‘Felt in Focus’ symposium is to submerge your totally dry vessel in a 50/50 solution of wood glue (YES) and water, squeeze the mixture into the felt, remove and reshape. When the vessel is totally dry it will be hard but still look like felt. I have actually tried this on a vessel this week and it works, I am not sure that I totally like the hard feel but it is brilliant to get something soft to stay in a strange shape and it looks great!!

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