The Blinded Glass Eye Composition

June 1, 2009

Glass composition is in place, adhered and grouted.  I am fairly pleased with the outcome, as a functional piece that was once a piece of trash. It is a lovely bedside table even in its half completed state.  It is my plan to paint the inside and outside of the drawer a raspberry color or amber and the sausage legs will each get a color pulled from the table top with emphasis on the amber, tangerine, sage greens, blue-violets and a touch of watery aqua.  The drawer pull has yet to be determined, it might be the original or to complete the sustainable/recycled theme, perhaps a found object for the handle.  Anyway, I am relieved the glass portion of this project is completed. Cutting glass requires a glass gridded tray, plenty of light and a concrete floor. It is not an activity one does beside a bed or even in living quarters as glass dust is in the air not to mention the slivers of glass shards. There is a high probability I will move in the coming future and potentially the lack of studio space will throw me into a frozen state. Thus, I want to complete all projects that definitely require a studio due to their messiness.  Other incomplete projects, and there are many, will just require table space and are a wee bit more portable.

The crooked eye

The Blinded Eye

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