Fire and Rain

May 29, 2009

Yesterday I did a piece called “Fire and Rain” as I have been listening to a lot of old folk songs and James Taylor is one of my favorites.  This composition begins with a blue foundation; white is sandwiched under black alpaca and mohair, all which constitutes the ground work.  The surface is fire. Many years ago, I experimented a great deal with discharging black fabric and was always  excited when it resulted in black/ goldens, tangerines , apricots, peachy colors as it reminded me of fire especially when I used an acetate fabric as it has shimmer.   I dyed some mohair roving a light turmeric color and an array of the above mentioned colors in a variety of hues and tones-no pic available.  Oh, they were stunning wools lined up on my print table waiting to dry.  Anyway the dyed mohair’s adhered nicely to the black resulting in a fabulous “blocking in” of colors for this wool painting.  When I am doing a composition, I am finding that I like to felt a piece to the spongy stage so that it is still stretchy, then, dry felt in the details. Once I am satisfied (which rarely happens) I complete the fulling process, this pulls and tightens up all the wool fibers into a lovely flat surface – front and back. This process allows me more control over the angles and provides better execution of details.  I apologize about the quality of these photos as I am in my bedroom. I like to study the piece outside of my studio before I proceed.  21″ x 21″

2 Responses to “Fire and Rain”

  1. Jim Says:

    The Fire & Rain composition is wonderful. In the thumbnail, it looks like it’s really on fire. Even enlarged, the illusion holds up. The back piece is ideally complementary to it.

  2. […] I tried to trace the vocals with fiery colors while freeing the black and blue clouds to react to the bass. The background inspiration for the colors and motion was Deb Seeger’s Fire and Rain felting. […]

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