Progress of Love Long Gone

May 21, 2009

Love-Long-GoneW Pure pigments mixed in various sections with gesso or createx binder. Sea grass created with acrylic paint.  the backing still needs to be attached.  70″ x 70″. When one looks carefully  the shibori dyeing on the body of the fish is very visible. I did a series of fish with kissy type lips and this is a remnant of that series, which I never completed.  I am attempting to tie up the numerous projects I have begun but not finished. I still have a glass top table which I am doing in tandem with the new  fire felted piece.

This is hanging in my bathroom beside a huge glass block window, which is burning out some of the color in this piece–not in reality just in the photograph.  I will get it to the studio for a controled lighting photo shoot however the time frame is unpredictable.

2 Responses to “Progress of Love Long Gone”

  1. Jim Says:

    It’s a lovely piece. There’s a tension in what looks (to me) like the fish struggling hard to get momentum upwards.

  2. Jim Says:

    I didn’t know that about fish. The knowledge adds a touch of melancholy, and a meaning to the title that I’d missed.

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