Felted French Press

April 18, 2009

At home, I use a four-cup stove top espresso maker, however when entertaining, it is not very convenient. I like the whole idea of a French Press Table presentation but the coffee cools much too quickly. While I have been making tea cozies for friends, it only seemed appropriate to make something for myself. I am only a one cup tea drinker contrasting to the multiple cups of coffee consumed daily so why not a cozy for the French Press?  I have acquired some lovely black mohair ( from angora goats) and mixing it with the white mohair gives a nice sheen, with a curly texture so I am using it on the top layer of foundation of merino wools.  The tassels are  rolled wool–these a tad crude but have become rather exotic in later cozies.  A particularly striking combination of colors is black mohair,  a sea-foam green spirals with strands of white mohair gingerly placed on top.

2 Responses to “Felted French Press”

  1. Donna Says:

    Love the colours! The design is so “un-teacosy”… very practical and chic

  2. Deb Seeger Says:

    THANK YOU Donna! These are my favorites as well. I can attest the thick wool does indeed keep the coffee warm. If you are a french press coffee drinker you know the coffee is NEVER hot even with boiling water, however for me it is the correct temperature for drinking.

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