Fast Post

March 31, 2009

Busy day! A bit of good fortune for me, as I drove to the city to visit a friend and I just acquired some totally lovely mohair (8oz) AND some luscious merino (8 OZ). Also some recycled silk which I will shred. I am excited to get these fibers dyed and into my busy felting hands. I have yet to uncover the dilemma of the grey dye. I only used a few fibers because I was unsure how the heat/dye/acid would affect the fibers. Since I have not obtained carding combs, I was apprehensive the wool would need re-carding after dyeing. I modified my dyeing technique my using direct dyeing opposed to the immersion method. I am questioning if because I dyed such a small portion of fiber, I naturally only use the same small proportion of dye and perhaps this effect the outcome of grey vs midnight blue. In other words only a few granules of dye was mixed with the acid and the dye is made of multiple colored granules. I am rambling, so, I will experiment more to test the fastness of the dye. However all of this will have to wait. Yes! groan, waiting will have to be part of the expereince as I have tech jobs to accomplish tomorrow. oh…… to run my fingers through one and half pounds of nearly raw fibers….ummmmmmmm (similar to a blank canvas). Yeeee haw

Merino, Alpaca/silk, Mohair

Merino, Alpaca/silk, Mohair

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