Dyeing Wool Roving

March 29, 2009

I have had the misfortune of attending three funerals in eight days, one an elderly friend with cancer, the other two were totally unexpected: heart failure of one and the other pneumonia. It would be redundant to say I have been a bundle of emotional turmoil but the day was accentuated with a forecasted but unseasonal ice storm, which flatten all of my spring flowers. UGH.
Today, I decided that dyeing some roving for scarves would be a satisfying activity, along with some additional scraps for topical sewing. Of course they had to be dyed differently, the wool required an acid dye and the scraps of cellulose fibers, procion dyes. I was satisfied with all the colors but the blue, I am unsure why the roving was colored only cool grey. I will try again tomorrow, hoping the shelf life of the blue dye has not expired. Bottles of water with soap chips used in the initial wetting of wool fibers in felting can be seen next to the roving. No they were not used in dyeing, I just forgot to move them for the photo. In the foreground are the wool covered soaps, which were posted in a previous post. The grey roving is at the top of the photograph, the dye color was a midnight blue and the base wool was creamy white. The result of grey is a mystery to me.


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