Alpaca Merino Piece

March 23, 2009

This experiment was dealing with not only new materials, Merino and Alpaca wool,  but overlaying white over dark. At this point I  am void of a function for this piece or how to develop it farther. It does need either slashing or stitching as the visual appeal is not strong enough to stand on its own.   The  piece is rather thick with approximately nine  layers of wool roving (the normal is 4-5), as my initial plan was to slash the surface revealing the lovely colors underneath.  However, the surface resulted in  such a delightful wonderful touch,  it reminds me of baby’s skin: soft and unblemished. I am apprehensive to  into slice it.  This  shyness reminds me of the first time I designed a piece of fabric that was perfect,  and then,  I cut it into pieces  for quilting, or held a perfectly new, expensive, wedding gown cutting it apart to modify it.  Yes, the  is a fear of the unknown is screaming out but perhaps it is  more a lack of confidence in my abilities that are holding me back.  So the piece will have to mellow or age before I can proceed with the shears.

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