Steamed Purse

February 27, 2009

front with flap

front with flap



Felted around a block of foam (2 inches thick) covered with bubble wrap, secured with packing tape.   It formed nice corners without bulk.   Once formed using my usual matter of soaping, window screen and bubble wrap,  the electric sander got its turn to play (without sandpaper of course). The additional experimental element in this piece evolved from  using the microwave.  The water in the fiber can achieve high temperatures so this time I  quenched into an ice bath instead of more sanding. Water was hand squeezed out and return to the nuker. This process was repeated four times so the shocking  caused the fibers to suckle each other forming a tight dense fiber.  At this point I have no inspiration for the handle.  I forgot to measure but  it’s  about 10″ x 17 “. I am feeling terribly sad tonight, its a wrap.

One Response to “Steamed Purse”

  1. Nicola Says:

    Hi Deb, Your purse looks gorgeous! Hope you are feeling inspired again but if not for my money a simple rolled felt cord handle would look great as would a couple of leather thongs strung together.

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