Experiment #12

February 15, 2009

This is eight layers of roving plus the wet roving ropes of color for spirals. What is showing in this pic is the back. I laid the spirals down,  two layers of violet roving,  varying hues of greens from light, to lime green, Kelly to deep teal. This layer was concealed with three layers of violet. If you look at the photo, on the right side  one can see  deep green oozing out between the violet layers.  The goal is to have a tight felt so I can  slash the violet layer, exposing the green layers in the middle. I have used this method in my wall quilts and I like the results. This was first inspired by Tim Harding in 1987 when he made garments using this technique. I am finding the soft supple texture of wool to be challenging because it is not easily slashed or manipulated.

I did the usual,   sewing the roving into a window screen pouch, as I have found this keeps the shape of the wool as it is being agitated. On this construction I tried rolling the roving between the bubble wrap alternating with a  matchstick bamboo window shade,  proceeded with the boiling water shocked by cold water.  I normally use 4-6  shocking treatments. Today I  followed with 20 minutes in a hot dryer. The piece is much larger that previous pieces. I do not find this method agitated enough to provide the dense fiber, I desire.  I will have to follow up  by re-fulling the wool and using  the wash board method on the ribbed  acrylic mat, so the fibers snug up closely to each other, though it is tight and non shifting I believe, this session needed me to consume an espresso before the felting began.

14" x 22"

14" x 22"


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