Love Long Gone

February 13, 2009

This is the under-painting of a piece 54″ x 57″  The weave is a twill in stripes. I will attempt to get a detail pic.  The ground was dyed with Procion. The grasses and fish are createx fabric medium and colors are mixed by using pure pigments.   Details will be added,such as the dark blue area the and a touch up to the Dorsal fins. The pelvic, anal and pectoral fins were painted but are all hiding behind the grasses with only the soft dorsal fully exposed. Once the painting is completed. The piece will be attached to a backing with a border then quilted in selected areas with copper wire.  The quilting is emphasized with the wire, as when love-ones  leaves us, we are raw, ripped and scared.Love-Long-Gone

One Response to “Love Long Gone”

  1. Deb Seeger Says:

    stone crop left a very nice comment and I am unsure why it is not visible.

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