Impasto Cosmos

February 10, 2009

I have been watching a series entitled “The Truth Project”, which sites Carl Sagan as a brilliant man, well respected and accomplished a great deal during his life on earth, after all who of us has not seen “Cosmos: A Personal Voyage”. NASA, owes a great deal to Sagan, his public service was invaluable from inception all the way through the development of the space program. Our daily lives have been touched as a result of the space program, which developed myriads of products we use without thought to their origins. Sagan contributions have helped form the minds of millions of astronomy and astrophysics scholars as he was one of the first to promote searching for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence. Carl was a principal example of an extraordinary critical thinker and a man who sought diligently a complete knowledge of the universe. Anyway to get back to my painting, who can think about the Cosmos without thinking of Carl Sagan, yet there is a tiny issue concerning the origins of matter, umm wonder where and how it developed. I am interested in foundations, another whole discussion aside from my painting. I am still fascinated by spirals and not just their decorative function. Thus, I continue my personal attraction to this “image” until I discover its voice within me, a threefold individual of body, mind, and spirit.

Impasto Cosmos

Impasto Cosmos


One Response to “Impasto Cosmos”

  1. Jim Says:

    Your creative process is intriguing. I like the way you’ve spiraled in to the conception and realized on the canvas.

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