First Purse

February 2, 2009

I am calling this first purse Old/Youth 9″ x 8″ I will be the first to admit the handle needs some care but I am clueless. Until the clue sails in, this is it.


Second is called Solar Winds 9″ x 8″  handle is yet to arrive.


One Response to “First Purse”

  1. Nicola Says:

    What a great purse! Just a quickie re handles before I get a post full details up on my blog ….. you can use a long length of roving (twist in your hand to see how thick the end result will be), dry roll in bamboo mat for a minute or two, wet VERY lightly, roll again, wet some more, roll again and then if it looks like it is coming together dunk in soapy water and roll a bit harder. The important thing is to roll very LIGHTLY at first and that way no ridges will form in the felt. I am going to blog about another way to make a handle, probably a bit stronger and you can mix the colours. Hope this helps.

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