Promised Pics

January 26, 2009

I should add that the Valentine colors were inspired by some NASA photos I saw on line. I love the idea of spinning galaxies, nebula’s and such. I am not saying my pieces, especially the details of my work  look like these photos only that they have inspired my visual vocabulary.

Pictures as promised.  Whew! this is a learning process but I am pleased I have finally achieved the tight density of felting that I have been seeking.  Most of the projects are soft and somewhat stretchy as I have not been capable of  reaching a tight interlock.  The first piece (purple one is tight) but it took 6 hours to obtain it. The ribbed mat definitely accelerates the locking of the fiber scales.  No clue where I shall go next, perhaps a satchel for my personal “lady” things:   lipstick, credit cards and blackberry.


One Response to “Promised Pics”

  1. Nicola Says:

    Wow Deb, I am loving your felting! Check out my blog to collect an award that I have left you there, hope it will make you smile. By the way, I got my washboard from and also find that car mats are a great way to full the felt!

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