January 25, 2009

In previous posts you have read that I am looking for a hand washing board which enables  the wool fibers  to pack into a harden dense, water proof fabric however  these boards are nowhere to be found.    My monthly excursion to Wally World  came due which I despise on many levels  but mainly I fall into unfocused mindset unless I have a shopping list and end up wasting hours in the brightly lite, noisy obnixious box store.   I did my do diligence and  neatly created a list according to priority but left it on the counter by my back door.  UGH. One thing I recalled on the list were light bulbs; I have lived in my house for 8 years and finally   a need to replace bulbs is rapidly developing. I decided to cut my electric bill while filling my local landfills with mercury by purchasing some CFT bulbs.  On the lowest shelf was a no-name brand at half the cost of the popular G & E,  so,  I am feeling proud of my non-list shopping trip.  The cart  quickly filled with other household   items so I gave one more swing at locating a washing board at wally world. NADA unwilling to give into defeat I was challenged to find a substitute.   I hit several departments that might contain a hard surface with ridges and substitute for the board , I scoured the kitchen, bath  and hardware department turning up  several possibilities but  none were ideal bescause of various elements.    I hit the mother load  in the automobile section:  Rubberized floor mats. Several models seemed to fit well but what would I do with two mats when I noticed, again, on the lowest shelf possible mats sold singularly… voila  I am in luck.  Pics will be forthcoming.


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